What is an air hose reel?

An air hose reel is a device that has an inlet and outlet connection that allows a determined length of hose to be wound for storage and quick, easy access.

What is the function of a hose reel?

The purpose of this device is to facilitate access to the air hose and apply where needed and simplify its storage when no longer in use.

How does an air hose reel work?

The air hose works by connecting the source to the place where the air is needed.

For example, imagine you are at a gas station and need to fill the air in your tires; the inlet of the hose reel is connected to the air compressor (the source) and the hose is connected to the outlet. Now, all you need to go is pull the hose and bring it to your tire valve to begin the filling process.

When done, the hose will retract into the hose on its own.

How do you wind an air hose reel?

Depending on the diameter and length of the hose, there are three ways to rewind a reel. With an automatic spring mechanism, with a manual hand crank, or electronically with a motor.

What is the best air hose material?

Synthetic rubber hoses are widely used in the industry and an excellent material for general air applications. Certain applications however, may require additional factors to be taken into consideration to prevent premature failure and or corrosion.

What size air hose is best?

The size will depend on the output required by the customer and existing plumbing connections. Coxreels has a wide selection of hose and hose reel sizes and lengths.

Which is better: PVC or a rubber air hose?

The better question is which material works best with my application. Some air applications may require us to consider temperature, pressure and whether it’s just air or oxygen.

Why should you use Coxreels air hoses?

Coxreels is perfect for the implementation of hose and cable management for years without failure. Moreover, the high-visibility hose available and the patented EZ-COIL feature will further prevent accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you lose air pressure with a longer hose?

The longer the hose, the longer the distance air has to travel and, if the compressor or source is not powerful enough to handle the added length, it will result in loss of pressure.

What is the best air hose reel?

Choosing the best fit can be a hassle as this is determined by several factors. Always consider the following:

  • Internal Diameter needed
  • Hose capacity
  • Pressure
  • Retraction : (spring-rewind, hand crank, motor)
  • Application (air, oxygen, steam, exhaust, etc.)
  • Reel construction: paint coated or stainless steel

What is a retractable hose reel?

These reels are also known as automatic-rewind reels or spring-rewind hose reels and they consist of a mechanical cartridge attached to the reel drum, which contains a factory-tuned steel mechanism designed to bring the hose back when the hose is no longer in use.