HOCKMAN-LEWIS LTD. is one of the oldest and best-known export management companies in the automotive service and petroleum equipment industries – exclusively representing more than 20 companies from the USA. We pride ourselves on working with prominent manufacturers of top-quality products who support their sales with strong warranties and after-sales support.

Through our offices in New Jersey, Malaysia, and Mexico, 10 traveling salespeople cover all areas of the international market. 


  • Because we know and understand the challenges a distributor faces and best practices in distribution selling.

  • Because we are committed to working with distributors’ sales teams to train and support their sales efforts.

  • Because we know our products well and we fully support them through warranty and after-sales support.

  • Because we provide great value with our expertise and experience in export logistics and documentation. This saves distributors money and time and helps them avoid the hassles and red tape of incorrect shipment documentation.

  • Because we are loyal to our good distributors who commit to our products and grow sales.

  • Because we seek long-term partnerships with our distributors rather than short-term profits.


  • Because we know the markets where you want to sell.

  • Because we know the best distributors for your products and can maximize your sales by establishing and supporting distribution.

  • Because, by working through H-L, you no longer need to be concerned with the challenges of extending credit overseas or dealing with the difficulty in collecting accounts receivable.

  • Because we relieve the manufacturer of the burden of export compliance, logistics, and documentation, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Because, by representing a compatible package of products, we can afford to travel often to visit overseas markets.

  • We are fully committed to becoming an expert in your products, thereby training distributors in best selling methods and after-sales service.