Hose, cable and cord reels; manual, spring or electric/air motor driven models. Controlled retraction E-Z coil models available for maximum safety.

Compressed air sprayers for agricultural, janitorial and professional applications; electric and gas-powered foggers; Fedco pack fire pumps.


LPG dispenser nozzles.


 Dry break fuel nozzles and receivers for high flow.

Electric foggers for agricultural, pest control, odor control, humidification and disinfecting/sanitizing.

Filter system and coalescing filters.


 Cam & groove couplers, tank truck valves and fittings.


Complete range of fluid transfer products and accessories for various industries (oil, petroleum, chemicals, etc.)

Hydraulically pilot-controlled diaphragm type globe valves for flow control.

Manufacture the most extensive line of swivel joints available worldwide.


Positive displacement pumps-rotary gear.


EMR4 Electronic Meter Registers.