Hockman-Lewis Introduction

HOCKMAN-LEWIS LTD. is one of the oldest and best-known export management companies in the automotive service and petroleum equipment industries – exclusively representing more than 20 companies from a variety of countries including the USA, Brazil, U.K., and Italy.  We pride ourselves on working with prominent manufacturers of top-quality products who support their sales with strong warranties and after-sales support.

Through our offices in New Jersey, Malaysia, and Mexico, 10 traveling salespeople cover all areas of the international market. Distribution subsidiaries, either majority or minority-owned, are also located in Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

GROWTH:  For over eighty years of our existence, Hockman-Lewis has grown steadily to a position of leadership in the international distribution of automotive service and petroleum marketing equipment. Today we are virtually the only export management company offering petroleum marketing equipment to oil companies and distributors around the world.

ORGANIZATION:  Hockman-Lewis’ sales team actively seeks sales and distribution for our products.  Our Personnel travel to all corners of the globe.  Because we handle a complete range of products which are leaders in their field, we are able to choose the most desirable distributors. Our sales team selects these distributors after careful research during visits.   In some territories, to obtain the optimal market share or sales volume we may name different companies for various petroleum marketing and automotive service equipment product lines.  We recognize that we are in competition with other suppliers for distributors’  time so we maintain our personal contacts on a continuous basis.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  No less important than the traveling and promotion by our salespeople, is the attention given by our staff to our customers’ orders, inquiries and problems. We believe that no export order should be treated perfunctorily. Due to the special requirements of each export market and to ensure prompt communication with our customers on order specifications and deliveries, we maintain a highly responsive Customer Service Department. This team also efficiently handles the special formalities in financing, shipping, compliance and servicing our customers in various parts of the world. In addition, Hockman-Lewis has made a major investment in developing proprietary export software that speeds the processing of orders and export documentation. The increased efficiency allows Hockman-Lewis’ staff to focus more on providing our customers faster and more personalized services.

FINANCIAL:  Our financial resources have kept pace with sales requirements through our company’s many years of business. This has been accomplished by planned financial growth and reinvestment of earnings. The results are that we have accumulated sufficient financial strength to support the costs of an active marketing and sales organization. In addition, we have the financial expertise and experience necessary to do business in all areas of the world, granting extended terms where required on sizable transactions. All of these factors are sometimes necessary to obtain the maximum volume from specific markets.

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