Complete line of battery chargers and automotive battery testers. Unique design and patent of battery chargers and automotive battery testers for over 60 years from its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri USA.

Tank monitors and gauges; overfill alarms, air shutoff, and drain valve.


Offers the most extensive line of collision repair equipment.

One of the world’s foremost manufacturer of brake lathestire changers, and wheel balancers. Made in the USA.

Tube and pipe benders, as well as numerous accessories, such as portable expanders, swager/expanders, oil filter crushers and a wide variety of tooling and tooling packages.

Electronic tire gauge and inflators.


Leading supplier of fluid line repair kits and specialty tools for the automotive aftermarket industry.


(By Hennessy) High quality, North American lifts.

Leader in Heavy Duty lift technology.

Offers economical, quality automotive repair equipment.